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My favorite sport and team of all of the soccer teams is, my favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona and my favorite sport is as you may see is Soccer. From my opinion I believe that FC Barcelona is the best team other may say it’s Real Madrid. The team FC Barcelona is from the country Spain. A famous soccer player from my favorite team is Lionel Messi; he is one of the best soccer players in the team. He is known for His amazing dribbling skills and beautiful finishing during his games. Messi was also found to be the youngest most awesome player ever seen.

The reason I love soccer and this team is because when I see them play they help me improve and they encourage me to do many things in soccer. They encourage me because when people say that there the best team I know that one day the team I’m in can also be called the best soccer team I just have to believe that that will happen. Watching them play improves me because when I watch the team play I can get some idea on what they do so when I am playing a game I can remember those ideas and do them.

This team has inspired many people around the world including me I may not know but from seeing them play and how many people show it tells me that they inspire many people. My brother really loves that team that’s how inspired me and many other people inspired me. This team also inspired me to play soccer for the first. Since I have been seeing them play I have gotten better


Amistake I have made and learned from was when I was 6 years old. I was thinking crazy of trying to be like the other kids by trying to jump on a high board with my bike. I did this because I was trying to be like the other kids and be cool. I learned from this because it showed me that doing things kid say or other people tell me to do can end up hurting me or even something even bad. I also learned that I should always were knee pads and a helmet when riding a bike. What happened to me there can also happen to many other kids that try to be like me and try to be a cool person.

This experience can also help other people learn from this because it will show them what happens if you think crazy things. This experience also showed me that if you don’t listen to what adults say or anyone says about wearing a helmet you can end up in a bad place and or hurt badly for not listening. This can also show you that you can get hurt for not thinking positive. This is also like not wearing a helmet when riding in a car but the car is the bike and the helmet is the belt.

So for those of you that think I’m kidding or those kids that thing getting hurt or not listening is funny and you still do It unsafe you will also get the same experience I got. So as you may see it is always good to take someone’s good advice before doing a bad advice another person gave you. Some kids might say you’re a baby and all that but don’t listen to them because you’re not what other people say, you’re what you believe you are. So you should always keep this advice in your mind and think before you do something dangerous.